Sesa International company limited was established in 2002. We started from producing cosmetics and spa products. At the same time, its distributing channel has been expanded to the department stores, retail shops, wholesalers and online shop. The Company has successfully in making many imported & in-house cosmetics brands being very well known among consumers. Hence, today Sesa cosmetics is being trusted by most world’s leading cosmetics brands for distributing and marketing their products throughout the country.

Right now, Sesa International Co., Ltd. has more than 200 staffs with three offices in Bangkok and one office in Chiang Mai province. Our head office is on Silom road, Bangkok. We offer reliable service, with our professional staffs in order to ensure the winning business strategies to our business partners.

Apart from distributing product, we also do a lot of marketing activities to promote your brand for example, Advertising, PR, Event, TV Ad, Social media, Bloggers etc.

Distributing channel: We are distributing product to below channels

  • Thai’s leading department stores; eg, Central department store (20 branches), The Mall department store (10 branches), Robinson department store (50 branches), Paragon, Emporium, etc.
  • International modern trade; eg, 7/11 (~9,000 branches), Tesco Lotus (2,000 stores), Family Mart (1,500 stores), Watsons (330 stores), Boots (300 stores), Tops (200 stores), Tsuruha (60 stores) etc.
  • More than 1,000 retail shops in many provinces throughout the country,
  • Online shops
  • Catalog
  • TV shopping

Cosmetics line in service:

  • Makeup
  • Skincare
  • Haircare
  • Perfume
  • Beauty accessory

We are welcome to be your business partner.